As an agency we’re keen to ensure that our employees are happy – both inside and outside of work.

We are aware that we work in a challenging industry and the pressures of work (and life in general) can sometimes creep up on us and before we know it, things get stressful.

At Navigate we consider ‘wellness’ to be less about being free from illness and more about the proactive process of us all becoming more aware of and making choices towards, a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life – and given people spend most of their time at work, we take this responsibility as employers very seriously.

As part of our commitment to employee wellbeing, Navigate is proud supporters of NABS (the National Advertising Benevolent Society) whose sole purpose is to support an individual who works in advertising and media – which in turn benefits us as an agency, our clients and the industry as a whole.

We have a dedicated NABS Ambassador and we actively support our employees is utilising the range of services open to them from NABS including their advice line, one to one mentoring, masterclasses, talks and networking events.  

Employees are also actively encouraged to take time out from their day to make the use of our in house ‘Wellness Studio’.


To help us on our wellbeing journey we have partnered with Demolish The Wall and Northstar Therapies.



timeTo come together

timeTo change things for the better

timeTo put an end to sexual harassment

Sexual harassment isn’t something that used to happen, or that’s happening somewhere else. It’s happening right now, in the UK advertising and marketing industry and it must be stopped.

No one should have to put up with sexual harassment.  Everyone working in our industry – regardless of age, gender, sexuality, background, or job – should be free to work within a safe environment without fear of abuse.  Sexual harassment simply should not happen. We must never accept this behaviour. We must not allow this behaviour to continue unchecked. We must never create an environment that fosters this behaviour. We must never allow those affected to go without help.

Navigate is working with NABS and endorses the #timeTo movement.  We agree with the Code Of Conduct and to truly end sexual harassment for good, we must start in our own backyard. The timeTo act is now.