July 13, 2023

Unlock Game-Changing Strategies with the "Affiliate Marketing Diaries" Podcast

Explore 'Affiliate Marketing Diaries', Navigate Digital's podcast. Learn from experts on attribution, affiliate & performance marketing, and lead gen strategies.

"Affiliate Marketing Diaries," available now. Navigate Digital's dynamic new podcast series, curated to empower affiliate marketing professionals with robust advice and actionable ideas. Each episode is an in-depth conversation with a performance marketing professional, sharing their wisdom with you.


We have launched the podcast with two complete episodes. The first with Laura Bennetts of Tu Clothing (Sainsbury's), and the second with Geordie White of SMARTY Mobile (Three Network).  Here is a taster of some practical insights from our first two packed episodes to help you boost your affiliate marketing approach.


Episode 1: Tu Clothing with Laura Bennetts


The Interplay of Attribution and Incrementality:

Learn the critical role of mapping customer journeys and distinguishing between attribution and incrementality in your affiliate marketing activities. Implement insightful tools that shed light on each channel's true value for more efficient campaign optimisation.


Managing Brand Challenges:

Stellar brand management in affiliate marketing necessitates efficient teamwork, judicious budget allocation, and creative promotional strategies. Promote cohesive collaboration within your team, strategically allocate resources, and craft innovative promotional strategies to amplify brand visibility and accelerate results.


Leveraging your Affiliate Network:

Harness the power of platform tools and insights to excel in your affiliate marketing campaigns. Exploit the platform's features for tracking and refining your campaigns, ensuring your decisions are data-driven, and facilitating desirable outcomes.


Episode 2: SMARTY Mobile with Geordie White


The Imperative of Transparency and Attribution:

Stress on transparency and attribution in your affiliate marketing endeavours. Employ reliable tracking systems and attribution models to get a panoramic view of the customer journey, informing better decision-making, campaign optimisation, and accurate channel value attribution.


Technology: The Game-Changer:

Capitalise on technology to enhance the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns. Utilise automation tools, and data analytics platforms to streamline operations, gather crucial insights, and heighten campaign efficacy. Keeping abreast with industry developments is key to maintaining your competitive edge and driving tangible results.


Mastering Prospecting and Lead Generation Strategies:

Allocate focus to effective prospecting and lead-generation strategies within your affiliate marketing framework. Use data-centric approaches, engaging content, and personalised outreach to identify and captivate your target audience. Nurturing leads and sparking customer engagement lays solid groundwork for successful future marketing campaigns.


"Affiliate Marketing Diaries" promises a goldmine of practical insights and actionable takeaways for every affiliate marketing professional. By considering and implementing many of the insights shared into your affiliate marketing efforts, you can navigate the path to success and achieve unparalleled results in this fast-paced industry.


Begin unlocking even more of your affiliate marketing strategy's potential by listening to the latest episodes on your favourite podcast platform or via these links on the affiliate marketing podcast page of our website.

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