Data & Analytics

Data analytics and campaign optimisation is a key component of any campaign we run. Our team of planners will inspect, cleanse, and model data with the objective of unearthing invaluable insights that in turn informs conclusions and supports our decision-making.

Today, more than ever before, collecting, managing and interpreting data is fundamental to the success of (digital) marketing campaigns.


Our team of talented digital media specialists make sure all the hard work at the front end of a campaign, isn’t undone at the back end by poor analysis and interpretation of data.

By harvesting and analysing campaign data in real time, we can analyse and enhance campaign performance where and when it needs it most. We can connect to multiple data sources and harmonise data across all channels – almost eliminating the need human intervention. That said, we do still like our team to cast their experienced eyes over results to make sure nothing is missed or misinterpreted.


We use market leading data intelligence software to power our data-driven decision making – allowing us to collate vast amounts of valuable campaign data seamlessly – building tailored, customisable and clear dashboards that aggregates data into one place, making it easier and quicker to interpret – which in turn delivers better insight to help optimise campaign performance.

Ultimately all of this helps us deliver to our clients a reporting suite that helps to build brands, retain current customers and win new customers – whilst delivering a healthy return on ad spend.

Our streamlined approach to analytics and reporting ensures a more efficient way of working whilst ensuring :-

  • Campaign performance can be assessed in real time
  • Multiple data points are connected seamlessly
  • Data is accessible and easier to interpret
  • Errors are virtually eliminated
  • Full transparency