March 27, 2017

Time kills all deals

Yes, it may seem like a cliché but it is as close to the truth as you’re going to get!

There are so many factors a business must take into account when considering to partner with an agency: what’s the ROI/CPA; how can you ensure KPI’s are met; do you have enough experience handling similar accounts… these are all things I consider as standard, no one ever got anywhere in life without showing and proving. That said, chemistry and trust goes a long way, dare I say it’s just as important if not more because without it you would never be in the mix to begin with.The digital agency world is a saturated marketplace, so what’s going to make you stand out amongst the crowd other than your value proposition and client servicing acumen? A good BDM will not only have the ability to source fresh opportunities, they will also be able to cultivate the relationship from the very start of the prospecting process.In business, being able to keep a poker face is always advantageous; it shows confidence and prevents you from coming across like you’re desperate to win the account. But, by no means should you ever come across like you’re above a prospect or their needs. The moment a prospect has any reason to believe you don’t share the same passion as them the deal is as good as dead.Likewise, if you’ve moved passed the pitch and a client has now requested an initial draft of the contract, be sure to act on this efficiently, the deal closing process is never over until they have signed. It’s a risky move to just take things in your stride as the prospect will be looking for any signs not to sign up with you. Any indications of how you might act on their behalf that appear as negative things will be met with backlash. So jump on a phone-call or send them a nudge via email so they know they’re still on your mind. Keep them posted on all developments.Be proactive and responsive to all prospects. People invest in people and while it’s crucial to demonstrate the value of your agency, you must also win over their trust and that only comes from relationship building. Moral of the story, put the time in – who doesn’t love a good cliché?!Nick Vasili, Business Development Manager

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