December 1, 2016

The Month in Media - November

Navigate's Pam, Catherine & Laura have picked out a few interesting developments from the past few weeks.

Instagram launches disappearing live video & messaging - Pam Odumusi Following the introduction of Instagram Stories in August, the photo-sharing app launched two new big features: Instagram Live and ephemeral messaging in Instagram Direct. All of which sounded very familiar to us....


Essentially Instagram are taking some of the best elements of Snapchat and live-streaming platforms such as Periscope. Instagram Live will allow users to broadcast, in real-time, video which can only be watched whilst the stream is live. So users shouldn’t expect permanent replays like on Facebook Live. Viewers are able to comment or tap repeatedly to add hearts, with their face visible in some of the hearts. Because Instagram only shows users what is happening live now, the platform is rolling out on the Explore page an algorithmically curated selection of the best Instagram Live videos happening at any given time.As well as live video, Instagram has added disappearing photo and video messages with direct messages to friends and group. This latest update to their direct message feature is an attempt to encourage their 300 million monthly users to share in a “spontaneous, pressure-free way.”Facebook releases new app - Laura AnschauFacebook is unveiling a new feature which will allow marketers to combine several Facebook, Instagram and Messenger accounts into one place. Facebook have developed the Universal Inbox, seen as a vital need for marketers to combine accounts into one platform to avoid signing in and out of multiple accounts, flipping through various apps, and even going to the extreme of having multiple phones.The Universal Inbox provides marketers with one simple easy-to-use app where they can manage notes, reviews, comments, and messages coming from consumers without hassle. For retailers that have customer feedback enabled on social media, this will revolutionise the way they manage their feedback and organise messages from consumers. Additionally, businesses won’t need to leave the inbox to view customer’s profiles who have left comments or messages.Not only will it help businesses reduce time spent flicking between accounts and applications, it will provide customers with a more positive experience because of its speed and reliability. Facebook mentioned this new feature will be released in the coming weeks, but has not specified a release date. Companies will be required to download Facebook’s Pages Manager application, in order to access the Universal Inbox.For more information, click the link here.Buying Snapchat’s Spectacles – an adventure - Catherine WestSnapchat’s Spectacles went on sale earlier this month, but rather than providing physical stores with the desired product, Snap Inc have surprised customers with a spectacular shopping experience.The first Spectacles Vending Machine appeared in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. With its bright yellow colour, and smiley face design, the boxes were describes as ‘Minion’ look a likes, and we understand why.


Decorated with balloons, the vending machine attracted attention straight away, especially as the machines eyes opened to simulate the machine to wake up, as potential customers passed.Over the next days, more pop ups appeared – with customers tasked to check the website for updates on the latest locations. Snapchat released city maps with mini vending machine icons to indicate where to find them. This reminds us a bit of a scavenger hunt and we love the idea of the interactive set up between customers and the product of their desire.Once found, the vending machine held a limited amount of glasses – with customers able to get their new glasses in just a few clicks. Additionally Snap Inc. also surprised many with the packaging of the new product. The yellow case charges the glasses, so they are ready to use from the very first minute. But that is not all; design is clearly a focus.None of the finer details have been overlooked - even the cleaning cloth is shaped like the Snapchat ghost. And with the glasses pre-charged, buyers can begin using them immediately – something we all wish all technology manufacturers will take note of going forward.Well done, Snap Inc – we congratulate you on a truly impressive sales launch.

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