January 17, 2017

Our recap on CES 2017

CES – the Disneyland of digital delights wowed Las Vegas earlier this month celebrating the 50th anniversary of the event.

What better place for tech companies, start-ups and inventors to exhibit their weird, wired and wonderful new developments?One of my favourite things to come out of CES was the appearance of the Minion like #snapbot on Las Vegas BLVD delivering the much sought after Snapchat Spectacles – sunglasses that record 10 second video snaps for your Snapchat account. Where Google failed perhaps Snapchat can win over consumers and make wearing tech eyewear a thing of the present? Building on the app popularity amongst Millennials, the design and function are simple unlike Glass’ more sci-fi appearance. The simplicity not only appeals for style but leaves plenty of room to be developed further down the line once the uptake has been established. Brilliant videos are already being shared from the lucky few who have managed to get their hands on a pair in 2017 ranging from NYE celebrations to safaris to rollercoasters. We are all looking forward to getting our hands on a pair!

Another of my favourites, sticking with wearables, is the smart hairbrush. Necessary? No. Life changing? Perhaps. If Instagram has taught me anything, it is that people are obsessed with hair; styling it, dying it, shaving it or creating that just-out-of-bed look. For those people who are seriously into the health of their hair, L’Oréal has teamed up with Withings to provide the ultimate bonce buddy. Hair Coach teaches you how to brush your hair without damaging or distressing the follicles to ensure that hair is happy, healthy and #nofilter ready.Finally, my top CES wonder is the potential cure for snoring. For anyone who has long suffered sleepless nights at the mercy of another’s deep and gargling throat rumbles – rejoice! The solution may well be here in the form of the 360 smart bed. The bed listens and senses biometric cues when someone is about to start snoring and very slightly adjust their side of the bed to position the sleeper in a “more ideal body position”. Using subtle movement the bed is able to ensure both sides have undisrupted rest. Creators Sleep Number have not yet realised pricing but it is unlikely to come cheap with their current ranges tipping just over $7,000.Events like this allow the greatest inventions in technological advances to be showcased for the world to see and for us to start realising how they will become part of our daily lives. The digital industry is bombarded with future trends, next big things and must haves but it is the often the simple things that have the ability to disrupt the pace of our lives - then this stuff really starts to become an exciting reality.Charlie Griffin, Account Director

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