December 3, 2017

New statistics on Affiliate Marketing in Australia and must-read articles

Navigate's top statistics on Affiliate Marketing in Australia, including Single's Day, Black Friday and Big 4 Banks' Affiliate Spend

Affiliate Marketing in consumer finance (Link)

  • - Affiliate Marketing Ad Spend has grown to 14.1% of the Big 4 Australian banks Ad Spend in 2016, up from 11.7% in Calendar Year 2015
  • - Spend is largely through comparison sites, like
  • - Total Ad spend for the Big 4 banks grew by 5.6% in Calendar Year 2015.

AWIN's Black Friday Statistics & interactive data visualisation (Link)

Key statistics for Australia

  • - 64% increase in Transactions
  • - 166% increase in Revenue
  • - 137% increase in Commissions
  • - 36.7% of transactions from mobile
  • - 1pm was the peak hour for transactions
  • - 44% of transactions from Content Sites.

Commission Factory's Black Friday (Link)

  • - Affiliate Network sees 73% year on year growth in sales and 60% year on year growth in retail revenue on Black Friday 2017

Rakuten's Single's Day (Link)

  • - Australians embraced Singles Day on 11 November once again.
  • - Week on Week increase in conversions of 15% for Singles Day Saturday compared to the previous Saturday
  • - 44% of sales took place on a mobile device
  • - AOV 38% higher on Single's Day compared to Black Friday

Rakuten's Cyber Weekend (Link)

  • - A 68% year on year increase on conversions on Cyber Monday across the Australian network
  • - Highest Click-through Rates between 7pm and midnight on Cyber Monday
  • - 14% of sales via mobile over Cyber Weekend, 30% lower than Singles Day (likely due to bias toward mobile amongst Chinese-Australian consumers on Singles Day)

Must read articles on Affiliate Marketing

  • - 9 Creative Instagram Affiliate Marketing Methods: (Link)
  • - Future proofing the Affiliate Industry (Link)
  • - Navigate Digital increases eCommerce site's affiliate revenue by 211% (Link)
  • - 10 tips on how to recruit top partners on to your Affiliate Programme (Link)

By Matt Sheppard, International Account Manager, Navigate Digital Australia

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