September 26, 2016

Key ingredients for a successful blogger-brand partnership

One of the many topics that arisen this year within the industry are bloggers and their role as online influencers.

An Econsultancy report from earlier this year highlighted that almost 60% of beauty and fashion brands have an influencer strategy in place. As more and more brands rely on bloggers and see advantageous results from working with them, what does the market perceive as key factors in a successful blogger-brand partnership?Communication is keyOngoing communication is a must-have in a successful blogger-brand relationship. The more information a brand is able to share, the more options a blogger will have when it comes to finding the right topic to blog about. Providing information such as updates from the brand, top selling products; content about campaigns as well as imagery will help blogger to find the right angle for their customer base.TransparencyBoth the brand and the blogger need to be transparent on their goals. Brands need to be able to define if they are looking for a branding piece, if they want to increase brand awareness as such or increase specific KPIs such as traffic and sales.The more information a brand is able to share, the easier it will be for a blogger to decide how they can support achieving these goals.Finding the right partner for your brandWhile it is critical to focus on finding bloggers that not only suit the brand’s image and authentic voice, focussing only on the size and popularity of a blogger is a mistake. Brands need to consider the follower base of a blogger as much as the blog itself.Think outside the boxSocial channels like Facebook and Snapchat may not work for every brand, but don’t under estimate the power of these channels when it comes to a blogger base. Readers and followers of blogs want to know more, if not everything about their blogger idol. Even a short 10 second Snapchat with your product in it can lead to sales and make your brand more popular and help sell your products.Reward your affiliates While most affiliate programmes run on a last click basis, brands need to find a way to reward their affiliates despite their position within a customer’s journey. Bloggers and content sites are often at the beginning of the path to purchase so brands need to find ways to reward these affiliates for their hard work.Keeping these key factors in mind when managing your blogger-brand relationships will build a more consistent brand online and help drive sales.If you need help managing your affiliate programme, give us a call on 0203 597 1400 to chat to one of the affiliate management team or get in touch here.Catherine West, Account Manager

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