Pizza Hut

50%more efficient CPV

The task

Pizza Hut has a very strong level of brand awareness due to their longstanding restaurants, however, there’s low recognition of their delivery offering. We needed to challenge the status quo and make the public aware that


1) Pizza Hut deliver
2) They’ve been voted better tasting vs. their key competitor
3) They offer great value

What we did

Through YouTube, we targeted key audiences with an entertaining piece of “hero” content. This audience was then re-targeted with shorter non-skippable 6s bumper edits to drive cost-efficient frequency and reach. Each bumper video conveyed a key campaign message that we wanted to communicate to the audience. Throughout the campaign, we conducted a brand lift study to monitor the impact activity had on – ad recall, favourability & purchase intent

The results

Both the hero & bumper videos out-performed YouTube’s vertical benchmark (Hero’s CPV 50% more efficient, Bumper’s CPM 37% more efficient). There was positive absolute brand lift tracked across all metrics, with ad recall out-performing YouTube’s benchmark by 300%.