Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Range

570,000unique users reached

Our Task

The brief was to launch Palmer’s new Coconut Oil Formula range by creating engagement amongst an audience of females 25-44 ABC1.

What we did

We took a twofold approach to launching activity in order to both educate and raise awareness amongst the target demographic.

  1. A partnership with Women’s Health was established in order to educate readers and showcase the new Coconut Oil Formula range as a multipurpose and naturally beneficial beauty product. We curated a listicle article with the website to educate readers on the benefits of coconut oil as a beauty product and inspiring ways in which to incorporate this into a beauty regime. We supported this with display advertising, social posts and multiple video takeovers across the site.
  1. Using data from previous paid search activity to inform our strategy, mobile and tablet were identified as the  highest drivers of searches around ‘coconut’ terms. In order to reach users on these devices we worked with InSkin to create responsive formats across a premium pre-selected site list indexing against our targeting audience.

What we achieved

We reached over 570,0000 unique users across both elements of the campaign with over 7,000 viewing the advertorial content on Women’s Health. Users who were exposed to the Women’s Health content and subsequently visited the Palmer’s website spent on

average 42% longer than the site average.