Our Task

Navigate Digital (Australia) was tasked with increasing new customer acquisition for HelloFresh through the affiliate channel.


Our objective was to drive growth in high quality new customer activations for HelloFresh Australia, to ensure that conversions were attributable to the affiliate programme and to keep affiliates on-brand and promoting affiliate only offers.


We set solid foundations for the programme through comprehensive understanding of the HelloFresh business and by providing strong visuals, copy and offers to key partners.
Alongside this, we implemented a high exposure promotional plan with ‘super affiliates’, recruited high-potential publishers to drive new incremental sales, partnered with selected content sites on a performance basis and carefully invested in tenancy placements to drive acquisition.


Our overarching mission was to use creative thinking in close partnership with HelloFresh to drive high quality incremental sales whilst maintaining volume.
Our approach has seen affiliate marketing become a key channel in driving new customer acquisition. HelloFresh is now at the forefront of the affiliate space in Australia, working closely with the country’s largest publisher websites.

The Outcome

  • ▪ Click traffic from affiliate partners increased by 348% by month 10 of management and by 291% year-on-year
  • ▪ Conversion volumes increased to 348% by month 10 of management and by 617% year-on-year
  • ▪ CPA and LTV targets have been met consistently