Snapchat Spectacles have arrived – Revolutionary tech or unnecessary accessory?

June 9, 2017

In 2016, Snapchat launched Spectacles in the US and last week they finally became available in the UK.

These jazzy-looking sunglasses can record 10 seconds of point-of-view video at the touch of a button, which can then be shared with your friends via the Snapchat app. As with any new and exclusive product they’ve been difficult to get your hands on, as they’re only available to purchase from a vending machine near the London Eye, called a ‘Snapbot’.


So why would you consider picking up a pair? They’re fun and a bit silly looking, but great for recording hands-free video. I’m already anticipating seeing lots of merry festival snapshots over the summer. Snapchat Spectacles open up new and interesting opportunities for brands, as it gives a personal, first-hand experience – you’re watching through the eyes of the individual, rather than where they’re choosing to film. Costa Coffee was the first UK brand to launch a Snapchat Spectacles campaign in March earlier this year, creating a series of videos ‘through the eyes of their baristas’. However, this product is likely to have the largest impact on influencer marketing, letting their fans share the experiences with them, and allowing them to feel like they’re part of the action – whether this be an unboxing video or behind the scenes at an event.

I imagine through these Spectacles, Snapchat are looking to further differentiate themselves from rival Instagram, who after releasing several similar features, surpassed their volume of daily users earlier this year (Instagram stories: 200m, Snapchat: 161m). However, it’ll be interesting to see if these Spectacles are enough to increase usage of their platform (or if Instagram release a cheeky copy #InstaSpecs). Either way I can’t wait to try a pair out!


Jessica Hughes, Account Manager

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