November 3, 2016

The Month in Media - October

...and a story from November.

#RIPVine - Will Kynaston


Twitter announced last week that it will be pulling the plug on the short-form video app Vine in the coming months. The decision comes as the struggling social media giant puts all its focus behind Periscope and staying afloat. Following failed attempts to find a buyer – Disney, Salesforce and Apple were all mooted, but ultimately fruitless – and Vine’s dwindling users numbers Twitter has made the decision to close the doors for good. Maybe they can make a 6-second video of the doors slamming shut in slow-motion (too soon?).The rise of competitors like Instagram and Snapchat since Vine was bought by Twitter in 2012 meant Vine struggled to maintain traction. User numbers had dwindled, especially in recent months, leaving the platform a long way from its heyday of 200 million active users. Also, Twitter has recently turned more focus towards live-streaming video content with Periscope, leaving Vine out in the cold.To deal with this sad news, let’s reminisce with the best 25 Vines of all time. #RIPVine, all hail Periscope.Pinterest Launches Pin Collective - Ellie Corrigan


With influencer marketing continuing to be one of the hottest topics in the industry, Pinterest have spotted an opportunity to launch a programme specifically designed to connect advertisers to their best content creators. Dubbed the ‘Pin Collective’, the service is said to consist of select publishers, production shops and independent creators who specialise in the most popular Pinterest categories. These influencers will be on hand to work directly with brands of all sizes and budgets in order to create visually optimised ‘inspiring, actionable Pins’ that ultimately have a greater chance of going viral.Despite an active database of over 100 million, Pinterest often finds itself overlooked in favour of other social marketing platforms, likely due to the immediate obstacle that a heavily personalised experience brings in reaching target audiences. Pin Collective seemingly takes the effort out of advertising on the network by providing brands with expertise and, crucially, access to an audience that they would otherwise have been unable to source independently.Purses at the ready, shopping is coming to Instagram! - Jessica Hughes


Instagram has been a platform of discovery and inspiration for visually pleasing flatlays and #OOTD, however due to the limited functionality it hasn't excelled in more tactical, sales-focused campaigns. Until now. Instagram has just launched in-app shopping discovery making it easier for brands to showcase their products and minimising the user journey to purchase.This is currently only available to selected brands in the US, however we see plenty of potential once it is introduced in the UK. Posts will have a 'tap to view' icon at the bottom left hand side of their photos, when tapped a tag will appear on products in the image and their prices.Instagram has stated that "more than 84% of smartphone users in the US browse, research or compare products via a web browser or mobile app." This new functionality should hopefully create a seamless shopping experience for both brand and consumer.

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