December 12, 2017

Marketing to the last minute Christmas shopper

We may be heading increasingly closer to the Big Day, but that’s no excuse to slow down on promotional activity.

Last minute Christmas shoppers can offer a big boost to the seasonal successes of any brand, especially if marketed to effectively. Below are our tips on how to engage this audience.

  1. Considered Messaging

Cyber Week is always a great excuse for a little indulgent self-gifting, but at this late stage shoppers are predominantly focused on buying gifts for their significant others. To better reach those potential customers, adapt your messaging and language to focus on giving and the people for whom the gifts are for, i.e. friends and family.

  1. Gift Guides

Great for shoppers who are constrained by time, Gift Guides such as ‘Top Ten Stocking Fillers’ or ‘Great Gifts for Her’ streamline the journey from initial research to purchase and offer the customer an easy solution.

  1. Flash Sales

A 24-hour or weekend deal is a great way to target those impulsive buyers. The sense of urgency that comes from a limited time deal, in addition to the pressure late Christmas shoppers put upon themselves, can have a significant impact in motivating customers to convert.

  1. Free or Guaranteed before Xmas Delivery

The offering of free and/or guaranteed delivery is so compelling that it often makes the difference between a customer choosing to make a purchase or shop elsewhere. Spread awareness on social platforms and product pages, and articulate clearly when exactly the cut-off period is.

  1. Think about who typically shops late

It may sound like a cliché, but men are more likely to be leaving it ‘til the last minute. Similarly to the first point, use messaging that attracts your audience and directs them to gifts specifically suited to whichever loved one they are shopping for. And make the experience as easy and direct as possible – men aren’t interested in trawling through reams and reams of options, or having a cumbersome checkout experience because quite frankly it’s less than a week ‘til Christmas and they JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO DEAL.Ellie Corrigan, Account ManagerPhoto by on Unsplash

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