The month in media – October 2017

November 3, 2017

Video has been highlighted as one of the key drivers behind the growth in digital adspend this year

In the IABUK’s H1 2017 report, digital investment reached £5.56bn (+13.8% year-on-year) with video spend overtaking banners for the first time. We’ve shared our thoughts on what this means for advertisers, plus the importance of video in context, on our blog.


AWIN released their global affiliate marketing report 

The UK market has shown that loyalty and incentive sites are a big driver for UK customers shopping through affiliates, with a 35% share of the marketplace. Customers are more sensitive to price and less loyal to ‘big’ brands, hence the rise of comparison sites to take a healthy 23% share of the market.

In Australia, it shows voucher code publishers making up a total of 41% of the market and content sites taking an 18% share. The split is vastly different to the UK where voucher code sites make up 22% of the market, with content led sites accounting for just 9%.


Google’s artificial intelligence group, DeepMind, unveiled the latest incarnation of their Go-playing program, AlphaGo

The AI program has been hailed as a major advance in AI tech, as the software’s creators claim that AlphaGo Zero is so powerful that it has managed to derive thousands of years of human knowledge in the space of three days. Is this the next step towards ‘singularity’?


Singles’ Day is coming 

Ahead of its annual Singles’ Day shopping festival, Alibaba organised a ‘See Now, Buy Now’ fashion show featuring luxury brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Pandora and Ralph Lauren, with the aim to tap into China’s more affluent consumers.

Navigate’s Ellie has taken a look at how advertisers can reach Asian consumers residing in the UK during this period.



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