Mobile Performance Marketing 2014 Predictions

January 28, 2014

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our lives. They’re with us most, if not all of the day. They’re our companions and guides on our travels. They’re our trusted advisers for comparing and selecting goods and services.

As the consumers become savvier, the marketers have to do likewise.

Advertisers are projected to spend $25 billion globally on mobile advertising in 2014, compared to $15.8 billion spent worldwide in 2013.

Although desktop experiences are no longer the default, a few things need to happen in order for 2014 be a ‘year of mobile’.

First of all the industry needs to mature and provide advertisers with real ROI, not just app installs and downloads. Better measurement and metrics are essential to help mobile marketing fully grow and to justify increasing advertiser’s mobile ad budgets.

Also Consolidation between smaller players must take place. Looking at the below image (courtesy of LUMAscape) you can see how fragmented the mobile ad ecosystem has become. With hundreds or thousands of small companies involved, competing for the same advertiser it just doesn’t benefit either of them.

A good example was set by Matomy who recently acquired MobAff, an American affiliate network specialising in mobile. MobAff works with leading advertisers and affiliate networks internationally to help them efficiently generate leads and acquire customers. It shows the importance of established multichannel online advertising companies, like Matomy, acquiring small mobile firms and integrating the best of their talent and techniques into an existing offering.


Marketers should also focus on click-to-call and home services. Click-to-call is the perfect mix of consumer-friendly technology (where the consumer clicks on a mobile ad and directly dials the merchant’s number) and the ability for an advertiser to speak with a consumer exactly when they are about to make a purchase.


Lastly, social and email marketing shouldn’t be forgotten, especially with Twitter’s recent acquisition of MoPub which means advertisers now have new mobile targeting abilities to play around with on the social network.


2013 noticed a 50% increase in email open rate via mobile device. Consumers quickly skim through an email and make a purchase on a desktop or tablet. Therefore marketers should pay more attention on the email copy; depending on the device on which the email is opened.


Ad networks and affiliates need to place more importance on servicing the more consumer-friendly verticals, such as home services, that are part of the larger online advertising ecosystem.

2014-01-28 22:09:10 By Aga Noskowska

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