We are proud to be accredited
‘Investors in People’

We understand that by building dynamic relationships with our team, developing a supportive people management strategy, and creating an engaging agency culture we will have a happier, more productive workforce.

The Investors in People Standard, is a straightforward framework to help organisations benchmark performance and create effective results with easy to use tools. Not just a one- off review, but an exciting journey with new perspective and clear milestones along the way.

By committing to the IIP framework, our objective is to

  1.  Build a robust right organisational structure to help unlock our team’s potential, helping to future-proof our business and ensure sustainable success.
  2.  Develop stronger leaders at every level of the organisation. Ensuring that all people-managers are equipped to provide the best support to their teams.
  3.  Enhance team performance by measuring employee feedback against the IIP framework, which shows us what’s working and highlights opportunities for improvement.
  4.  Embrace constant change and keep improving with the help of a simple road map for excellence.
  5.  Benchmark and compare ourselves against our peers to ensure we’re operating as a ‘best in class’ agency

“Having assessed Navigate, it is clearly an organisation where people are given freedom and trusted to do their job, this has created a strong culture of people feeling empowered and involved in being able to make decisions and as a result build great client relationships”

“There is a clear purpose here and leaders on various levels throughout the organisation provide clarity of the values and vision, this transparency ensures that the values are at the heart of how Navigate operates and how people behave and work together”     

“It is great to come across an organisation where Managers nurture and build relationships with their team on an informal basis and are clear on how their own behaviour and style impacts on others: this is an organisation that is informal, collegiate, not unprofessional, transparent and most of all fun.”

Esther O’Halloran, Investors in People Practitioner