International Affiliate Marketing

July 7, 2017

In the final part of our roundup of 'Affiliate Huddle', we look at the discussion points around international growth.

With over $1trillion in cross border sales over the past year, it’s clear that international sales should be on the agenda for any business with serious growth aspirations. However, the Huddle’s panel into the nature of international affiliate marketing highlighted several issues with making assumptions around new markets. Strategic alliances with similar companies in other markets (such as Commission Factory in AU and AWin in UK) can enable easy, quick learnings about the new regions in which to operate, whilst challenging expectations at home can help advise one of your brands/clients before looking to automatically move out there. Co-ordination on a long term plan is key, with all stakeholders understanding the risks of each new market.

Finally on the question of where the growth regions are, there was a lot of debate. South East Asia, Brazil and Poland were all mooted, whilst it’s key from the likes of TradeTracker opening in New Mexico that there are plenty of discussions about where the newest goldmine for Affiliates will now be.

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Alastair Kidner, Account Director

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