Going for Gold Standard 2.0

October 16, 2020

With 2019 proving to be another record-breaking year for UK digital adspend with total investment reaching £15.69bn, 2020 had all the markings to be another record-breaking year for digital. Then, 2020 happened.

The turbulent events of the last few months have accelerated digitalisation in all our daily lives including digital media in different forms. We have seen an increased demand for content, large uplifts in gaming usage and engagement, the increased adaption of new technologies and apps, and broadcasters continuing to lose out to the big streaming services.

There have also been many challenges across digital over the last year – the ongoing pandemic, the constant efforts to tackle fake news, cookie changes, and changing tech developments, which are all having an impact on transparency and brand safety among other concerns in the digital sphere.

Whilst brand safety has always had its complexities – with help from the likes of the IAB Gold Standard 2.0 initiative we know that this, and other key issues are being addressed across the industry. The Gold Standard provides an important framework that underpins how Navigate Digital conducts its business. The aims of the IAB Gold Standard to reduce ad fraud, improve the digital advertising experience, and increase brand safety all sit at the heart of our ethos as a digital specialist agency.

It is for these reasons that Navigate will be one of several companies going for Gold this year. We also hope that others continue to get on board too whilst we all work together to deliver the best possible digital environment for our partners and brands.


Thomas du Luart, Account Director

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