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How Instagram Reels can help increase share of voice

Whilst some brands may have shied away from testing new formats and platforms during this time, the boom of TikTok had shown a clear consumer demand for snackable, entertaining video content. Tackling a new, playful format can seem like a daunting task, but we have pulled together some tips to help brands start to grow share of voice across the

Snapchat is down with the youth

The forecast for Snapchat users in the UK is 16.2 million, of which 5 million will be 18-24. By comparison, the number of UK Facebook users aged 18 to 24 is predicted to be 4.5 million at the end of the year (down 1.8% over 2017). Following a 2% decline in daily active users earlier this year, Snapchat has embarked

3 ways brands can have an effective influencer strategy

Working with influencers is an effective way for brands to connect directly to users through unique content. Influencers create unique and beautiful content that is tailored to suit their audience. As a brand, this is incredibly appealing to be a part of. Why? Well, for one it’s much cheaper than hiring a photographer to do the legwork and it allows

Facebook present at Digital Upfronts

As people are now continually tuned in, our strategies need to adapt. That was my key takeout from Facebook’s Digital Upfronts event, one of many sessions during the IAB’s week-long event. The session kicked off with Canvas8 Founder & MD, Nick Morris, discussing the move away from the traditional funnel of need > discovery > research > purchase. There used

Facebook ramps up their video offering

Video can be a powerful tool to drive user interest and dwell time – users spend an average of 40 minutes per day on YouTube, vs. 25 for Facebook. Watch will feature original programming financed by Facebook (very interesting considering how successful the Netflix original series have been!), alongside videos from other creators, and similar to YouTube this will become

Snapchat Spectacles have arrived – Revolutionary tech or unnecessary accessory?

These jazzy-looking sunglasses can record 10 seconds of point-of-view video at the touch of a button, which can then be shared with your friends via the Snapchat app. As with any new and exclusive product they’ve been difficult to get your hands on, as they’re only available to purchase from a vending machine near the London Eye, called a ‘Snapbot’.

The Great British Chefs Foodie Survey

When it comes to paid online advertising, one question you may be asking is, which channels should I be investing budget into? The answer comes down to the behaviour of your target audience, or the behaviour change you want to drive.   As consumer behaviour continues to change and evolve with each generation, it’s so important brands and marketers understand

Biddable Blog Series: Facebook pointers for direct-response campaigns

To drive conversions on Facebook, brands and advertisers must understand how to leverage the social media platform’s vast and growing capabilities around audience targeting. Mastering the fundamentals of Facebook advertising is a good starting point to reach your target audience and improve the ROI of what was once considered just a branding channel. Here we will touch upon some pointers

Navigate & Monarch shortlisted at The Travel Marketing Awards 2017

Our work with Monarch has been shortlisted for the Best Use of Social Media. The entry centred around the use of Facebook for the airline’s Summer brand campaign. The unique targeting opportunities with Facebook allowed Monarch to tell a story beyond their 30 sec TV ad and deliver unique content in an innovative way. To complement the emotional video content,

Comparing Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

Running a travel blog has its perks, being sent away on discounted (sometimes even free) holidays, being associated with top notch brands, living the life of luxury… that being if you’re in the top 3% of bloggers who have made it to that point. For my travel blog LBexplore, I’m not quite there yet, but with my 14.5k Instagram followers