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2019 digital adspend reached £15.69bn

2019 proved to be another record-breaking year for UK digital adspend, with total investment reaching £15.69bn. Investment was up by 15.4% on 2018 and accounts for over half of all adspend in the UK – demonstrating continued confidence in the power of digital to deliver business results.   Mobile continues to dominate Almost all growth in 2019 is coming from smartphone, an increase

2017 digital adspend reached £11.5bn

Investment was up by 14.3% and accounts for around half of all adspend in the UK – continuing to make it the key channel advertiser budget is invested. At a first glance at the stats, nothing notable appears to be behind the growth in digital adspend: Display and Search spend has increased year-on-year by 18% and 16%, respectively; Search continues

PPC 2017: Big, fat review of the year’s biggest trends & updates in paid search

As we trim turkey-fed waistlines & slowly betray New Year’s resolutions, turning our attention to the next 365 days, here’s a whirlwind look back at some of the key developments in PPC for 2017 that will continue to inform our work in 2018. There wasn’t a seismic change that dominated the landscape per se, like expanded text ads of 2016,

Showcase Shopping Ads

As paid search marketers have ever-so-slowly, semi-reluctantly, bedded themselves into the new AdWords interface this year, we’ve enjoyed testing some features and new formats exclusively available in the new fit-out. Google is playing catch up with Facebook for more engaging mobile formats, and Showcase Shopping ads are an interesting foray into formats built with mobile front of mind. Showcase Shopping

Visual search: what does it mean for advertisers?

The rollout aims to give shoppers the ability to find similar-looking products to the image they’re searching for. It’s the tool a number of us have been waiting for *insert raising hands emoji*; the launch of Visual Search bridges the gap for those shoppers who want to recreate a look inspired by an Instagram account they follow, or of a

IAB Search 2017 Conference: 24/7 Search

With search volumes up 15% on last year, the IAB 2017 Search Conference ’24/7 Search’, which took place at the IAB UK’s HQ in London, was as relevant and timely as ever. The event featured a host of inspiring speakers from agencies and brands (as well as Google and Bing) gracing the room with their take on the Search landscape in 2017 and beyond.  

Attribution: What? Why? How? When?

The industry has leant heavily on addressing issues concerning viewability and ad fraud but as yet has not thrown its full weight into solving the inevitability accountability issues of attribution. It is not a simple equation to solve and with no definitive solution available, each client or agency embarking on tracking this will take their own bespoke approach. So, here

The Drum Digital Trading Awards 2017 – Navigate are shortlisted

On the back of the Performance Marketing Awards on Tuesday evening, it was wonderful to come into the office yesterday morning and find out we’ve been shortlisted for our work with two of our clients at this year’s The Drum Digital Trading Awards. We have been shortlisted in two categories: Best Use of Performance with Monarch and Best Paid Search

Exact match, but no cigar

Over the past few weeks, Google has released some updates about how it will match keywords in AdWords. Exact matching has worked on close variants for a while, that picks up abbreviations, singular or plurals, and misspellings. With the new version, this match type will cater for even more fluid matching of query variants.   1) Function Words Google now deems it useful

The Great British Chefs Foodie Survey

When it comes to paid online advertising, one question you may be asking is, which channels should I be investing budget into? The answer comes down to the behaviour of your target audience, or the behaviour change you want to drive.   As consumer behaviour continues to change and evolve with each generation, it’s so important brands and marketers understand