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What do challenger brands need to do differently in the new normal? Part 3. Incentivise new customers

In the third post of our series, we look at how to incentivise and keep your customers engaged after purchase. A number of e-comm brands saw a spike in sales during the first lockdown in the UK, with data showing that 1 in 3 have purchased a new brand or product*. Having attracted new customer, and with the second lockdown

Valentine’s Day and Afterpay

Chocolates and flowers go hand in hand with Valentine’s Day, which is great if you happen to be a chocolate or floral brand. But this is 2018, Valentine’s Day traditions are no longer mandatory, which is fortunate because chocolates last a matter of seconds and flowers don’t last more than a week. For Valentine’s Day 2018, retailers considered the day

Marketing to the last minute Christmas shopper

Last minute Christmas shoppers can offer a big boost to the seasonal successes of any brand, especially if marketed to effectively.  Below are our tips on how to engage this audience. Considered Messaging Cyber Week is always a great excuse for a little indulgent self-gifting, but at this late stage shoppers are predominantly focused on buying gifts for their significant others.

Showcase Shopping Ads

As paid search marketers have ever-so-slowly, semi-reluctantly, bedded themselves into the new AdWords interface this year, we’ve enjoyed testing some features and new formats exclusively available in the new fit-out. Google is playing catch up with Facebook for more engaging mobile formats, and Showcase Shopping ads are an interesting foray into formats built with mobile front of mind. Showcase Shopping


Originating in China in the 1990s as an Anti-Valentine’s celebration for single people, it was then adopted by e-commerce giant Alibaba in 2009 and has since become a day when everyone, regardless of relationship status, self-gifts. It takes place every year on 11th November, or 11.11, quite deliberately as each 1 represents a single person (cute or sad – you

How Whole Foods will help Amazon sell more shoes

The news sent the stocks of other food chains plummeting, which was no surprise as competing against a business with a radical model like Amazon’s is terrifying…suicidal really. The scariest realisation for competitors is that Amazon probably do not have any interest in actually making a profit off avocados and wholegrains, their main goal is collecting more data. It’s natural

Round One: Google vs EU

This week, the EU’s antitrust watchdog fined Google €2.4 billion for manipulating search results to favour its own shopping services over competitors’ offerings. The fine is the largest antitrust penalty issued by the European Commission (EC), which gave Google 90 days to give “equal treatment” to competing services in its search results. So Google “flaunted” EU antitrust rules, denying other

Afterpay: Changing consumer shopping experience

Take your mind back to a time where online shopping was not as readily available as it is today, where you had to ensure you had enough money in the bank before a purchase, or ensure your credit card had balance for those large purchases. I remember wanting to purchase a dress for a party, and not being able to