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Notes on the Programmatic Summit 2017, Sydney

I attended the Programmatic Summit yesterday on behalf of Navigate Digital. It was our first excursion to what is Australia and New Zealand’s only purely programmatic conference. Held in the Sydney’s brand spanking new International Conference Centre the event was attended by 300 or so of Australia’s agency and ad tech professionals, with a sprinkling of client side marketers. This

Web Summit: Day Two & Three Round Up

Arriving for Day Two at Web Summit, there were noticeably lots of bleary-eyed attendees who may have enjoyed the Night Summit a little too much. One of the morning’s talks on the Society stage was entitled ‘The ultimate selfie: what we leave behind in a digital world’. Jacki Ford Morie, founder and chief scientist at The Augmented Traveler, suggested that

Mobile: always with you, always a part of you

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to attend the Mobile Location event at the IAB offices in Macklin Street. With the sun beaming down on this particular little corner of Holborn, a particularly busy and bustling event settled down for an afternoon of sessions and insight on a topic with a rapidly expanding interest pool. This writer is more than

Digital under threat from ad blocking?

Having attended a Search Council meeting at the IAB last week, a topic which was discussed fervently by all was the very real and current threat of ad blocking. Digital media and advertising industries are just coming to grips with this, and the threat has induced a slow-building panic for some. In August Adobe and anti-ad-blocking firm PageFair reported that 198

What we learnt at the IAB’s This Is Search conference 2015

Last week, Navigate attended the IAB’s This Is Search conference held at Google’s London HQ. An onus was placed on Mobile across the day’s presentations, as this 21st century swiss army knife unlocks new possibilities for both consumers and advertisers alike. Read on to discover our favourite snippets from the conference, and how new search developments should be tapped into, to push the limits of search,

Navigate at Google’s Ready to Rock Mobile

75% of purchases start on mobile and end somewhere else – a stat we must embrace as an industry. Mobile has impacted desktop behaviour – pre-conversion activity occurs on other devices i.e. not on desktop, thus consumers are increasingly completing a transaction on desktop having perhaps researched on mobile/tablet. Some interesting metrics to hone in on, in order to illustrate

Is app ‘unbundling’ the future? By John Kimbell

foursquare stunned many of its 45m registered users last month when it announced that it would unbundle elements of the app and launch a new app called ‘Swarm’ for staying in touch with friends – keeping the original Foursquare app as a ‘discovery’ platform. foursquare founder Dennis Crowley said “I wouldn’t say we are deemphasizing the check-in. We have gotten

Omni-channel and Omni-consumerism

The diagram below demonstrates how consumer behaviour has altered with the onset of online shopping and a permanently connected world,with 51% of all consumers now researching online before visiting a store. What is an Omni-consumer? The Omni-channel customer has 360 degrees of discovery and uses all possible channels simultaneously prior to purchasing a product. This means customers are entering stores

Australian potential is ready to be realised

As a smaller, independent agency we are always looking at potential or “the next big thing” – be that in technology, our clients or our employees.  Recognising and nurturing ‘potential’ is a skill that I believe has been a massive part of our success as an agency to date and having kept a watching eye on the Australian market for

Mobile Performance Marketing 2014 Predictions

As the consumers become savvier, the marketers have to do likewise. Advertisers are projected to spend $25 billion globally on mobile advertising in 2014, compared to $15.8 billion spent worldwide in 2013. Although desktop experiences are no longer the default, a few things need to happen in order for 2014 be a ‘year of mobile’. First of all the industry