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When is the right time for brands to launch an affiliate programme?

Yet this channel is still not as prominent as the likes of traditional digital marketing such as paid search, SEO, or social media. While Australia is still behind more developed markets such as the UK and US, it has advanced rapidly in recent years with the evolution of different affiliate types and new technological advances. According to the 2019 Awin

How can podcast ads help challenger brands to compete?

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and changing, as new mediums emerge or increase in popularity, and others fade into the distant past (remember Tumblr, anyone?). One format that has gone from strength to strength in recent years is podcasts. For those who do not know, podcasts are audio episodes that can be listened to on a computer or mobile

What do challenger brands need to do differently in the new normal? Part 3. Incentivise new customers

In the third post of our series, we look at how to incentivise and keep your customers engaged after purchase. A number of e-comm brands saw a spike in sales during the first lockdown in the UK, with data showing that 1 in 3 have purchased a new brand or product*. Having attracted new customer, and with the second lockdown

What do challenger brands need to do differently in the new normal? Part 1. Support your brand & strive for growth

As our clients plans for 2021 begin to take shape, the impact of COVID-19 on our recommended approach and initiatives is evident. Accelerated digital adoption during periods of lockdown has changed media consumption and purchasing habits and advertisers need to continue to adapt the changing context; – Digital behaviour is significantly still more prevalent than pre-COVID – Enders Analysis expects