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Google’s Latest Chrome Update: Security Patch or Money Grab?

The biggest change announced is the way in which Chrome extensions work; Google is clamping down on extensions which fetch and run code from remote servers. While this ostensibly sounds like a sensible move to stop the hiding of malicious code in seemingly harmless extensions, there will be one major casualty of this update: ad blockers. While the Manifest v3

Showcase Shopping Ads

As paid search marketers have ever-so-slowly, semi-reluctantly, bedded themselves into the new AdWords interface this year, we’ve enjoyed testing some features and new formats exclusively available in the new fit-out. Google is playing catch up with Facebook for more engaging mobile formats, and Showcase Shopping ads are an interesting foray into formats built with mobile front of mind. Showcase Shopping

Exact match, but no cigar

Over the past few weeks, Google has released some updates about how it will match keywords in AdWords. Exact matching has worked on close variants for a while, that picks up abbreviations, singular or plurals, and misspellings. With the new version, this match type will cater for even more fluid matching of query variants.   1) Function Words Google now deems it useful

The Great British Chefs Foodie Survey

When it comes to paid online advertising, one question you may be asking is, which channels should I be investing budget into? The answer comes down to the behaviour of your target audience, or the behaviour change you want to drive.   As consumer behaviour continues to change and evolve with each generation, it’s so important brands and marketers understand

Biddable Blog Series: Facebook pointers for direct-response campaigns

To drive conversions on Facebook, brands and advertisers must understand how to leverage the social media platform’s vast and growing capabilities around audience targeting. Mastering the fundamentals of Facebook advertising is a good starting point to reach your target audience and improve the ROI of what was once considered just a branding channel. Here we will touch upon some pointers

Biddable Blog Series: Automations to spring clean Adwords

Adwords, with its vast volume of features for advertisers, can seem overwhelming and some of the incredibly useful automation options can get lost in the crowd. Here’s some of our favourite ways to clean up and improve accounts. Try these and see how easy it is to automate and improve your performance. Or get in touch, and, you know… Labels

Biddable Blog Series LIVE: Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote

With over half of all searches now on mobile, Google has responded to this shift in behaviour by expanding the tool-kit brands can advertise their wares on, with a ‘ground-up overhaul’ of its core AdWords product. Here are 20 key takeaways from Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote, which happened 5-6pm (UK time) on 24th May 2016: Google Analytics tracks 500 billion+

Biddable Blog Series: The YouTube Opportunity

YouTube campaigns can perform wonders, not only in pricking awareness and lifting consideration and favourability, but also impacting purchase intent. Below are some of the opportunities there for the taking on YouTube, and reasons why you need to give more thought and investment to your video strategy. 1)      Incredibly good value With TrueView campaigns, you’re only ever paying for an engaged

A year in the life of a PPC executive: must-dos and workflow

Upon creation of a campaign, there is a fair bit of TLC required to keep a PPC campaign firing on all cylinders. Some of these actions need to take place more regularly than others, so here is a breakdown of which checks and optimisations need to happen on accounts and when they should be carried out. Once these are ingrained

Biddable Blog Series: AdWords Scripts 101

For those who have never heard of scripts, they are sections of coding, which can be inserted into Adwords allowing for account customisation in four key ways: reporting, bid adjustments, ad customisations and alerts. The purpose of these scripts ranges from reducing manual hours spent deep-diving into account data for optimisations to weather-based bid adjustments. Here are a handful of