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When is the right time for brands to launch an affiliate programme?

Yet this channel is still not as prominent as the likes of traditional digital marketing such as paid search, SEO, or social media. While Australia is still behind more developed markets such as the UK and US, it has advanced rapidly in recent years with the evolution of different affiliate types and new technological advances. According to the 2019 Awin

3 ways brands can have an effective influencer strategy

Working with influencers is an effective way for brands to connect directly to users through unique content. Influencers create unique and beautiful content that is tailored to suit their audience. As a brand, this is incredibly appealing to be a part of. Why? Well, for one it’s much cheaper than hiring a photographer to do the legwork and it allows

How an Australian retailer utilises coupon codes to increase AOV

Introduction Coupon codes (also known as voucher codes) are extensively used by commerce businesses and their customers. Their various structures have been written about at length, and we’ve discussed the value of voucher code websites in the past too. In this blog we discuss how a Sports Retailer uses coupon codes to increase Average Order Value (AOV), acquire new customers

Valentine’s Day and Afterpay

Chocolates and flowers go hand in hand with Valentine’s Day, which is great if you happen to be a chocolate or floral brand. But this is 2018, Valentine’s Day traditions are no longer mandatory, which is fortunate because chocolates last a matter of seconds and flowers don’t last more than a week. For Valentine’s Day 2018, retailers considered the day

New statistics on Affiliate Marketing in Australia and must-read articles

Affiliate Marketing in consumer finance (Link) – Affiliate Marketing Ad Spend has grown to 14.1% of the Big 4 Australian banks Ad Spend in 2016, up from 11.7% in Calendar Year 2015 – Spend is largely through comparison sites, like – Total Ad spend for the Big 4 banks grew by 5.6% in Calendar Year 2015. AWIN’s Black Friday Statistics

What are soft click cookie affiliates?

The announcement caused quite a stir, with some calling it positively ‘a new wave in guerrilla marketing’ and others seeing it as another stake in the heart of the reputation of the affiliate industry. Yours truly has had a chance to catch up a couple of times at events since with people who work at Pouch and realistically there’s no

International Affiliate Marketing

With over $1trillion in cross border sales over the past year, it’s clear that international sales should be on the agenda for any business with serious growth aspirations. However, the Huddle’s panel into the nature of international affiliate marketing highlighted several issues with making assumptions around new markets. Strategic alliances with similar companies in other markets (such as Commission Factory in

The Affiliate revolution & automation

Too much time is taken within this channel in manual tasks that add little or no value in the whole process, yet companies will prey on them as ‘USPs’ to show a thorough service. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, where innovative automation are the winning factor? In general there are several processes where the industry has fallen behind

Affiliates & travel: overcoming the twin terrors of Brexit and Trump

Held in its new home of the contemporary Congress Centre in the heart of Bloomsbury, the day turned out to be an interesting and informative mix of talks, debates and discussions about the past, present and predictions into the future of Affiliate & Performance Marketing. In part one of our roundup, we look at the topic of Affiliates in the

Attribution: What? Why? How? When?

The industry has leant heavily on addressing issues concerning viewability and ad fraud but as yet has not thrown its full weight into solving the inevitability accountability issues of attribution. It is not a simple equation to solve and with no definitive solution available, each client or agency embarking on tracking this will take their own bespoke approach. So, here