Biddable Blog Series: Automations to spring clean Adwords

February 1, 2017

Clean up & improve Adwords accounts, at scale and at speed

Adwords, with its vast volume of features for advertisers, can seem overwhelming and some of the incredibly useful automation options can get lost in the crowd. Here’s some of our favourite ways to clean up and improve accounts. Try these and see how easy it is to automate and improve your performance. Or get in touch, and, you know…

Labels – the bricks & mortar of performance

Labels are the best thing since bottomless brunch. They allow fast, efficient categorisations in every aspect of your account from campaigns to individual ads. Create custom filters and reports based on labels, and even run scripts based on rules around labels. Much more than a colour scheme for your account!


Labels are your building blocks

Shared budgets

With accounts housing hundreds or thousands of campaigns, all with differing budgets, try moving them to shared budgets. You and management can see at a glance top level statistics and even use Adwords scripts to allow managers or management accountants to update budgets with a shared spreadsheet, rather than letting them have access to the account and potentially sticking a spanner in the works!

Automated rules

Adwords basically killed third-party management platforms upon introducing these. These can be used in thousands of different ways – some of our favourites are:

  1. Pause low performing ads/campaigns/keywords
  2. Auto raise bids to top of page estimate
  3. Automation of bid scheduling
  4. Increase budgets when performance is unusually good

Link checker scripts

One of the first things we do when we set up an account or take over management of a new account. The link checker script essentially cycles through all ads, checking for status codes URLs return. IT then publishes URLs that return a 404 into a spreadsheet and emails the list to you daily/weekly. No configuration needed, so you can get it setup in 15 seconds (if you’re good). Pretty much a no-brainer and you can have the results quicker than the time it took to read this blog post.


Sit back & automate

Sit back & automate


David Walby, Biddable Account Director

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