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New statistics on Affiliate Marketing in Australia and must-read articles

Affiliate Marketing in consumer finance (Link) – Affiliate Marketing Ad Spend has grown to 14.1% of the Big 4 Australian banks Ad Spend in 2016, up from 11.7% in Calendar Year 2015 – Spend is largely through comparison sites, like – Total Ad spend for the Big 4 banks grew by 5.6% in Calendar Year 2015. AWIN’s Black Friday Statistics

Afterpay: Changing consumer shopping experience

Take your mind back to a time where online shopping was not as readily available as it is today, where you had to ensure you had enough money in the bank before a purchase, or ensure your credit card had balance for those large purchases. I remember wanting to purchase a dress for a party, and not being able to

Notes on the Programmatic Summit 2017, Sydney

I attended the Programmatic Summit yesterday on behalf of Navigate Digital. It was our first excursion to what is Australia and New Zealand’s only purely programmatic conference. Held in the Sydney’s brand spanking new International Conference Centre the event was attended by 300 or so of Australia’s agency and ad tech professionals, with a sprinkling of client side marketers. This

Navigate Digital TV presents: ShopStyle Australia

The third episode of Navigate Digital TV features Verity Beard of ShopStyle Australia, a top publisher on most fashion and beauty related affiliate programmes. ShopStyle aggregate products from a range of retailers into their platform to help consumers find what they need more easily. They also have a network of bloggers and influencers who can be incentivised to drive traffic

Comparing Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

Running a travel blog has its perks, being sent away on discounted (sometimes even free) holidays, being associated with top notch brands, living the life of luxury… that being if you’re in the top 3% of bloggers who have made it to that point. For my travel blog LBexplore, I’m not quite there yet, but with my 14.5k Instagram followers

Navigate Digital & Sportitude win ‘Campaign of the Year’

Navigate Digital’s Australian team won their first award at the inaugural Rakuten Golden Link Awards on 22 September for their work with The agency commenced management of the Sportitude affiliate programme earlier this year and it has quickly delivered growth thanks to a focus on planned promotional activity and proactive recruitment. This has had a huge impact on the affiliate programme’s performance

Navigate Digital presents: 2 minutes with

This is the first in a series of videos featuring Navigate Digital’s partners in Australia and the U.K. In this video we talk about how brands and their agencies can best work with Finder, one of Australia’s largest shopping sites. Finder partners with a range of fashion, travel and retail brands on its shopping portal. By creating great content like

Are You Running An Affiliate Marketing Program in Australia? If Not, ‘Where The Bloody Hell Are You?’

If I am completely honest, I was never a fangirl of Affiliate Marketing. It was a function. We set up the technology to track the sales, we on boarded the affiliates, and we reported to the clients. It was always sold as “incremental” sales, and it was never a focus (for me). This was nearly 10 years ago… I have

ADMA Forum 2016: Programmatic: Packing Power Punches

On Wednesday, I ate Programmatic for breakfast. At first, it was a little hard to swallow – but with the help of two Irish lads, a flower man, a brand safety Diamond, and a lovely trading desk in the middle… it went down ok.. I have to say – I love Programmatic! Not because of what it does or what

Aussie online retail sees growth in 2015

In December 2015 overall online retail spend in Australia was estimated to be $19.1bn which is equivalent to 6.5% of spending in physical stores. Online retail grew at an impressive 11.2% in 2015, outstripping bricks and mortar growth, which grew by 4.7%. This growth was almost universal with only Daily Deals seeing year on year decline. In this post we’ve