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January 4, 2018

PPC 2017: Big, fat review of the year’s biggest trends & updates in paid search

As we trim turkey-fed waistlines & slowly betray New Year’s resolutions, turning our attention to the next 365 days, here’s a whirlwind look back at some of the key developments in PPC for 2017 that will continue to inform our work in 2018. There wasn’t a seismic change that dominated the landscape per se, like expanded text ads of 2016,

January 3, 2018

Going for Gold Standard

Digital media may have appeared to have taken a bit of a battering in 2017; if digital media was compared to a movie character, it would be Rocky Balboa in Rocky III when he fights Clubber Lang the first time (*spoiler alert* – Rocky heads into the fight as the champ but he loses the fight and his title). In

December 18, 2017

Five golden rules to consider for social video

I recently attended the IAB’s Video Conference 2017 and heard from an array of industry experts on all things video. One of the key takeout’s from this was how brands should be using social video and how it’s crucial this strategy should differ from other channels. Twitter recommended 5 golden rules to consider when creating social video:- 1.Be short –

December 13, 2017

Marketing to the last minute Christmas shopper

Last minute Christmas shoppers can offer a big boost to the seasonal successes of any brand, especially if marketed to effectively.  Below are our tips on how to engage this audience. Considered Messaging Cyber Week is always a great excuse for a little indulgent self-gifting, but at this late stage shoppers are predominantly focused on buying gifts for their significant others.

December 4, 2017

New statistics on Affiliate Marketing in Australia and must-read articles

Affiliate Marketing in consumer finance (Link) – Affiliate Marketing Ad Spend has grown to 14.1% of the Big 4 Australian banks Ad Spend in 2016, up from 11.7% in Calendar Year 2015 – Spend is largely through comparison sites, like Finder.com.au – Total Ad spend for the Big 4 banks grew by 5.6% in Calendar Year 2015. AWIN’s Black Friday Statistics

December 1, 2017

Looking to hire a new media agency? Here are some tips…

Well if the last year of Navigate’s existence is anything to go by, we could be forgiven for thinking that Christmas this year started in January.  We’ve spent the last 11 months giving and delicately managing our perennial conundrum – the beastly 2 worded topic that strikes hope and fear in equal measures into MD’s of media agencies around the

November 30, 2017

Showcase Shopping Ads

As paid search marketers have ever-so-slowly, semi-reluctantly, bedded themselves into the new AdWords interface this year, we’ve enjoyed testing some features and new formats exclusively available in the new fit-out. Google is playing catch up with Facebook for more engaging mobile formats, and Showcase Shopping ads are an interesting foray into formats built with mobile front of mind. Showcase Shopping

November 13, 2017

Happy Birthday To Us

Many people thought Matt and I were mad to leave the comfort of our jobs at Global Media Agency Universal McCann, to go and start up our own agency from scratch. In the midst of a worldwide credit crunch and recession, Matt and I met at the Marquis of Granby on  Charlotte Street in the Spring of 2007, to discuss

November 3, 2017

IAB Engage: storytelling

The IAB’s annual Engage conference didn’t fail to deliver on great content or inspiration. Account Director, Alastair Kidner, has looked to summarise his key takeouts from the day. Part three looks at storytelling.  The final big take-outs from the Engage conference revolved around the idea of storytelling, particularly in lieu of the other two big themes discussed earlier. This seemed

The month in media – October 2017

Video has been highlighted as one of the key drivers behind the growth in digital adspend this year In the IABUK’s H1 2017 report, digital investment reached £5.56bn (+13.8% year-on-year) with video spend overtaking banners for the first time. We’ve shared our thoughts on what this means for advertisers, plus the importance of video in context, on our blog.