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July 27, 2015

What we learnt at the IAB’s This Is Search conference 2015

Last week, Navigate attended the IAB’s This Is Search conference held at Google’s London HQ. An onus was placed on Mobile across the day’s presentations, as this 21st century swiss army knife unlocks new possibilities for both consumers and advertisers alike. Read on to discover our favourite snippets from the conference, and how new search developments should be tapped into, to push the limits of search,

July 6, 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: The Australian Digital Landscape

Despite the population being spread across such a vast area, Australia is on the cusp of exponential growth as a result of high average disposable income, penetration of mobile devices and increasing internet speeds As Australian businesses begin to digitise their e-commerce website and delivery processes, spending by Australian consumers is increasing as a result. The days where UK products

June 10, 2015

Instagram and Pinterest take steps towards an ROI-focus

  Instagram advertising: Instagram has become one of the largest social media platforms, attracting more than 300 million users in less than 5 years, with 11.5 million monthly active users in the UK currently. Instagram’s recent targeting capabilities now make it easier than ever for users to “shop now”, “install now”, “sign up” or “learn more” while browsing their favourite celebrities, friends,

May 20, 2015

How W. Eugene Smith informed my PPC approach

If I were to ever stumble across a digital agency’s blog, and read a headline suggesting that a late, great documentary photographer has some relevancy to Pay Per Click advertising, I would ordinarily think “PAH” at such a tenuous link, “this guy’s trying to garner extra eyeballs by luring me into a PPC post with promises of photography”. However there

May 13, 2015

Navigate at Google’s Ready to Rock Mobile

75% of purchases start on mobile and end somewhere else – a stat we must embrace as an industry. Mobile has impacted desktop behaviour – pre-conversion activity occurs on other devices i.e. not on desktop, thus consumers are increasingly completing a transaction on desktop having perhaps researched on mobile/tablet. Some interesting metrics to hone in on, in order to illustrate

May 1, 2015

Online Performance Marketing Study: Advertisers spend increases to £1.1bn

I was lucky enough to be amongst the 70 or so representatives to hear the results of their Performance Marketing Study in 2014 and there were some interesting insights. The study goes to great lengths to cover the great and good of the industry, collating data from 18 networks and touchpoints and thousands of lines of data. The full results

April 15, 2015

Affiliate rush; can less be more?

I’ve seen clients negotiate and form arguments around wanting more. I’ve seen clients set their KPIs to only be about how many affiliates they have on their programme. I’ve even seen brands lose all sense for their stringent KPIs in the rush and passion to have as many affiliates on their programme in as short a time as possible. Does

April 10, 2015

Digital adspend up 14% to record £7.2 billion

In the same period, mobile advertising grew 63% to £1.62 billion and now accounts for 23% of all digital advertising spend, the platform having stood at 16% in 2013. The increase in mobile could be due to the latest tablet purchasing figures, which show that 37% of British households bought such devices in the last year – putting the number

March 29, 2015

Tackling Ad Viewability: Being Seen Matters

Many have considered ads to be non-viewable when they take ages to load or if they are served lower down (below-the-fold) on a webpage. According to MRC and IAB, a viewable impression is only classified valid when 50% of it appears in the browser for at least one second. So the question is: if an impression is not actually seen

March 26, 2015

Real Time Advertising – Lessons Learnt

As attendees of the conference we were treated to a plethora of presentations from a range of industry experts. Our top 5 takeout’s from the event were as follows:- Man & (not vs) Machine – Ebay trialled a programmatic only week in February this year and concluded that a partnership between man and machine was essential to the technology working