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September 25, 2014

The Implications of the email newsletter fail

Beyond doing a Ratner and sending out an email blast telling all their customers that Made.com products are rubbish and they are all idiots for purchasing them, Made.com couldn’t have scored a more perfect own goal if they tried. For those that missed it, Made.com made up an email template in the event of Scotland voting Yes on independence and

September 10, 2014

Working with our local Primary School

In the case of Portsmouth FC Captain (and our sponsored player) Johnny Ertl, his day off this week was spent helping to coach 40 excited Year 5 children, from St Joseph’s -  the Primary School that our office backs onto. Johnny who has also played for Crystal Palace, Sheffield United and the Austrian national team, took time out to help

August 28, 2014

HealthMap Highlights the Potential of the Algorithm

Whether it’s in context of the latest Google change, an update to the Facebook Newsfeed or the latest programmatic vendor with their ‘propriety’ algorithm, the term has lost its impact along the way; the more I hear it, the less impact it has. I am guilty of often throwing the term around without truly thinking about the processes behind it

August 8, 2014

Why is the Affiliate Channel so underappreciated?

Am I wrong in thinking that this is a lot of money or does everyone else have more exciting figures to throw around? Usually once I make this pronouncement people’s ears prick up and the subject gets more attention. But why is there the information deficit that people that work within the heart of the industry just don’t seem to

June 12, 2014

South West Trains Show Social Naivety

I’m not alone either – only last year a detailed analysis of 92,000 tweets by ‘Brandwatch’ revealed that South West Trains is the country’s least popular rail company. In the last week they’ve irritated me more than usual by running a campaign expressing their delight at reaching 100k followers on Twitter. Perhaps this is an attempt to appease their customers,

June 10, 2014

Merging to succeed

Acquiring a smaller but established company is better than starting from scratch. At the peak of their success, big companies knock on their doors and make a no brainer offer. Just to put this in context some recent examples are Facebook acquiring Whatsapp Messenger, Ve Interacting acquiring AdGenie, Rakuten Marketing acquiring DC Storm. As DC Storm is the most recent

June 5, 2014

Is app ‘unbundling’ the future? By John Kimbell

foursquare stunned many of its 45m registered users last month when it announced that it would unbundle elements of the app and launch a new app called ‘Swarm’ for staying in touch with friends – keeping the original Foursquare app as a ‘discovery’ platform. foursquare founder Dennis Crowley said “I wouldn’t say we are deemphasizing the check-in. We have gotten

May 27, 2014

Retail: Adapt or Fail

At Contagious’ Now / Next / Why session last month, one of the key themes which was discussed was competitive convenience. Insights around how brands are continually seeking ways to improve the customer journey were shared. Contagious’ Katrina Dodd spoke about how both legacy retailers (the traditional bricks and mortar stores) and new retailers are both using technology to enrich

May 6, 2014

Making The Most Out Of Europe

The business research division of Berkshire Hathaway have recently carried out an extensive survey into the e-commerce trends across borders within Europe which have highlighted the potential for British online retailers within Europe. Their research has shown that more than a quarter of online shoppers in the EU have made purchases from other EU countries, with this share being highest

April 28, 2014

Sorry, computer says no….

Nearly two years after making one of the biggest changes to secure search that resulted in a steady rise in “(not provided)” data, Google has switched all searches over to encrypted searches using HTTPS. This means no more keyword data will be passed to site owners. Encrypted Google searches don”t pass the keyword data through to websites, thereby eliminating the