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April 27, 2016

Now Next Why 2016 #ContagiousNNW

Marcel, weaponising audiences, disruption & short-termism; here are some musings from Biddable Account Director David Walby, on topics discussed at this year’s Now Next Why, London. One of the standout sessions was with Remy Aboukrat of Marcel Paris, discussing some of his award-winning creative work. He touched on the idea that some digital work is executed without a lot of thought or

April 26, 2016

Biddable Blog Series: 5 Useful Google Analytics Audiences for Search

Perhaps though, it isn’t quite as simple as it initially seems. Of those users who have previously visited your site, some are much more valuable to you than others. That’s where audience segmentation & creation becomes invaluable. Some of those site visitors might be part of an age or gender demographic that are more likely to convert, live in a

April 21, 2016

#BeatTheBuzz: If advertising is a show, then social is stand-up

That last one was by the late, great Bill Hicks, who would have probably mocked the WeRSM event, held in Shaftesbury Avenue’s lovely Picturehouse Central on 14th April. I however, as someone that works in the business of ads, found it inspiring and motivating, mainly due to the practical use cases showcased by some of the speakers – most of

April 11, 2016

IAB RTA Interesting Times: Finding the balance in Interesting Times – Part two

Amit Kotecha of Quantcast warned advertisers of the pitfalls associated to relying on short term digital metrics. Similarly there are pitfalls around advertisers analysing channels and devices in silos, when the overall picture of demand, traffic, sales & engagement should be the gauges of success. For example a mobile search ad can pique interest in your brand at the crucial

April 6, 2016

IAB RTA Interesting Times: Reaching the programmatic peak – Part one

The annual event strives to deliver a range of short addresses from industry experts, technology providers and marketers to share knowledge and experience within the programmatic landscape. The theme of this year’s event was centred on an English saying dating back to 1930: “May you live in interesting times” – a phrase that denotes both a blessing and a curse.

April 4, 2016

5 Steps to a Healthy Affiliate Programme

Earlier this year, Forrester Research released ‘The State of Retailing Online 2015: Key Metrics, Initiatives and Mobile Benchmarks’. According to this report, affiliate marketing is one of the top customer acquisition channels, with 38% of the 224 survey participants agreeing that it was the most effective customer acquisition method. How can we maximise the profitability of our affiliate programmes and

March 30, 2016

Navigate Digital nominated for two Drum Digital Trading Awards

After the disappointment of seeing our Affiliate Account Manager Toni Pitchfork leave us yesterday to go travelling, we all needed a pick-me-up and that sure enough that came in the form of the news that we have been shortlisted for 2 awards at the forthcoming ‘Drum Digital Trading Awards’. Everyone likes to be recognised for good work and we are

March 24, 2016

Instagram & The Machine

In an innocently-titled post called ‘See the Moments You Care About First’, Instagram last week revealed their plans to improve the experience by ‘optimising the order’ of each individual’s timeline.  Although each user’s timeline is individually curated based on the accounts they have chosen to follow, the feed will change to focus on prioritising the content it deems to be

March 17, 2016

5 Tips For Effective Affiliate Newsletters

1. Keep it short and sweet We recommend that you keep your newsletter between 1 and 2 scrolls in length. The reason we send out newsletters is to share relevant information with our publishers, however realistically we cannot guarantee that they will be read and fully digested. It is also important to bear in mind that your partners receive multiple

March 3, 2016

The Month in Media – February

Facebook gets emojional – Charlie Griffin You may have noticed over the past month that Facebook released a progressive new update to the ‘Like’ button… If not, meet ‘reactions’: By hovering over the Like button a range of emoji’s can be selected when engaging with content on the social platform. Facebook have essentially incorporated one of the world’s fastest growing