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October 18, 2016

Five ways to prepare your affiliate programme for Christmas

Offers for key periods and dates are confirmed, exposure with publishers has been booked and you think you are ready? Think again! Booking the right exposure is vital for this season, but preparation is more than just booking exposure. We have put together five key areas to look at to ensure you have a successful Q4.   1. Banner and

October 7, 2016

The Month in Media – September

Twitter launches new features - Charlie Griffin Twitter launched two new features during September that enhanced not only functionality of the platform but the ways in which advertisers can operate and deliver to consumers. Firstly, the iconic 140 character limit relaxed slightly as the full 140 can be used for text in addition to images, links, videos, gifs and quoted text.

October 6, 2016

Day Two at the Festival of Marketing – Make movements instead of campaigns

Two of the panelists were CEOs of arguably the most quintessentially British companies I can think of – BBC Worldwide and The FA. Tim Davie (BBC) and Martin Glenn (The FA) spoke about ‘Brand Britain’ standing for being trusted and having a heritage in brilliant story telling – the attributes of all successful, international brands in 2016. As the day

October 5, 2016

Day One at the Festival of Marketing – Steve Wozniak steals the show

The themes of brand purpose, transparency and trust were three key strands from the day which stood out and Wozniak’s philanthropic nature helped to solidify what may sometimes be missing from marketing – a little kindness. Brand purpose Keith Weed, Unilever CMO, kicked off the day and spoke through how they have adapted to ensure their brands have a purpose

October 4, 2016

The Value of Voucher Code Partners

This model is equally the one that comes under the greatest scrutiny, as advertisers become increasingly suspicious of the value voucher sites actually bring to their programmes. Rather than dismissing a particular affiliate partner type outright, it is more beneficial to consider the strengths and opportunities that each promotional type can offer your affiliate programme. The reality is that voucher

September 27, 2016

Key ingredients for a successful blogger-brand partnership

An Econsultancy report from earlier this year highlighted that almost 60% of beauty and fashion brands have an influencer strategy in place.  As more and more brands rely on bloggers and see advantageous results from working with them, what does the market perceive as key factors in a successful blogger-brand partnership? Communication is key Ongoing communication is a must-have in

September 23, 2016

Navigate Digital & Sportitude win ‘Campaign of the Year’

Navigate Digital’s Australian team won their first award at the inaugural Rakuten Golden Link Awards on 22 September for their work with Sportitude.com.au. The agency commenced management of the Sportitude affiliate programme earlier this year and it has quickly delivered growth thanks to a focus on planned promotional activity and proactive recruitment. This has had a huge impact on the affiliate programme’s performance

September 20, 2016

AdBlock Plus Launches Its Own Ad Network

Well, it’s not a joke. AdBlock Plus – the world’s most popular ad blocking tool – announced on 13th September that it would launch its own ad network called the Acceptable Ads Platform. The sheer irony of this I found difficult to fathom. I’ll explain. AdBlock Plus is downloaded by users to block annoying and intrusive ads on websites, and

September 15, 2016

Navigate Digital presents: 2 minutes with Finder.com.au

This is the first in a series of videos featuring Navigate Digital’s partners in Australia and the U.K. In this video we talk about how brands and their agencies can best work with Finder, one of Australia’s largest shopping sites. Finder partners with a range of fashion, travel and retail brands on its shopping portal. By creating great content like

Are You Running An Affiliate Program in Australia? If Not, ‘Where The Bloody Hell Are You?’

If I am completely honest, I was never a fangirl of Affiliate Marketing. It was a function. We set up the technology to track the sales, we on boarded the affiliates, and we reported to the clients. It was always sold as “incremental” sales, and it was never a focus (for me). This was nearly 10 years ago… I have