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March 26, 2015

Real Time Advertising – Lessons Learnt

As attendees of the conference we were treated to a plethora of presentations from a range of industry experts. Our top 5 takeout’s from the event were as follows:- Man & (not vs) Machine – Ebay trialled a programmatic only week in February this year and concluded that a partnership between man and machine was essential to the technology working

February 2, 2015

4 Reasons Why Content Affiliates Are Important

And unfortunately, bloggers are one of the groups that are rarely revenue active, unless really big. So what’s the value in recruiting them onto an affiliate programme in the first place? Of course this depends on the merchant’s core objectives, but generally speaking, although they don’t produce revenue, content sites are important to an affiliate programme. And here’s why: Content

December 19, 2014

15 predictions for the digital industry in 2015

Programmatic spend will increase significantly as more people actually understand what it is Media agencies will start to blacklist vendors that don’t make efforts to eradicate viewability issues As a result of prediction 3, the programmatic landscape will consolidate and become cleaner As a result of prediction 1, investment in online advertising will increase significantly ‘Reactvertising’ will become more prevalent

December 17, 2014

Sub Networks & Transparency Within The Affiliate Channel

Late last month I went along to the Affiliate Huddle and there is one issue which featured very heavily in the morning’s panel – sub networks and the amount of transparency they bring to the affiliate channel. For those not aware of sub networks, they typically work like a network (erm… hence the name) but act as a one stop

December 9, 2014

Happy 20th Birthday to the Banner Ad! So What’s New?

The year is 1994. Michael Schumacher was on the way to the first of his (7!) World Titles in a tragic year in Formula 1. In the UK the Channel Tunnel opens and the National Lottery launches with a £7million jackpot. A little known manager by the name of Alex Ferguson is about to lead Manchester United into nearly twenty

November 25, 2014

Navigate Turns 7

7 years on it was a very different day with us hosting our first breakfast session at Soho House where we invited speakers from an array of channels to inspire and inform our audience of clients and media partners alike. Our audience of 50 guests heard from Google, Twitter, Collective Media, PerformanceIn and Richie Jones, Head of Ecommerce at EWM

October 29, 2014

How Karen Carpenter Kept Egos in Check at This Year’s IAB Engage

For those of you in the know this was no ‘regular’ Engage shindig, marking as it did the IAB’s 10th consecutive year of bringing together the most jaw-dropping minds and advancements in the digital world. Guest speakers included Google, Facebook and AOL….the cool kids were out to play and the atmosphere in the room was electric. First up was IAB

September 25, 2014

The Implications of the email newsletter fail

Beyond doing a Ratner and sending out an email blast telling all their customers that Made.com products are rubbish and they are all idiots for purchasing them, Made.com couldn’t have scored a more perfect own goal if they tried. For those that missed it, Made.com made up an email template in the event of Scotland voting Yes on independence and

September 10, 2014

Working with our local Primary School

In the case of Portsmouth FC Captain (and our sponsored player) Johnny Ertl, his day off this week was spent helping to coach 40 excited Year 5 children, from St Joseph’s -  the Primary School that our office backs onto. Johnny who has also played for Crystal Palace, Sheffield United and the Austrian national team, took time out to help

August 28, 2014

HealthMap Highlights the Potential of the Algorithm

Whether it’s in context of the latest Google change, an update to the Facebook Newsfeed or the latest programmatic vendor with their ‘propriety’ algorithm, the term has lost its impact along the way; the more I hear it, the less impact it has. I am guilty of often throwing the term around without truly thinking about the processes behind it